Meet Our Student Pastor


Kevin Mckee

Kevin has served as Student Pastor at Pelahatchie Baptist Church for seven years.  He is vital to our Lord's Work not only in Student Ministry but in every facet of the Church's Mission.  He has led several mission trips and works tirelessly in the community.  He and his wife, Dawn, have three children.

If you think you can walk in holiness without keeping up perpetual fellowship with Christ, you have made a great mistake. If you would be holy, you must live close to Jesus.
— Charles Haddon Spurgeon

JESUS Centered


The most important person a student will ever meet will be Jesus Christ.  He is not some myth or great moral teacher.  He is the Son of God who takes away the sin of the world.  He lives!  He desires a relationship with students.

When we reach the end of our lives, academic and athletic accomplishments will not be as important as we made them out to be.  The only thing that will matter is were we a faithful follower of the commands of Christ.

The goal of student ministry is not just to have fun.  It is to assist parents and families in engaging their child to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  

Philosophy professor and C.S. Lewis scholar Dr. Peter Kreeft once told a class of Boston University students:

“Christ changed every human being He ever met… If anyone claims to have met Him without being changed, he has not met Him at all. When you touch Him, you touch lightening…. The Greek word used to describe everyone’s reaction to Him in the gospels is ‘thauma’—wonder. This was true of His enemies, who killed Him. Of his disciples, who worshiped Him. And even of agnostics, who went away shaking their heads and muttering ‘No man every spoke like this man’ and knowing that if He didn’t stop being what He was and saying what He said that eventually they would have to side with either His killers or his worshippers.”